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Town : Lescar

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Lescar is a gorgeous medieval little town near Pau Town.

This town is a famous pilgrimage halt on the Santiago Compostelle Way.

Lescar has been build beside the destructed Roman City of Beneharnum that is at the origin of the "Béarn" name of the region.

Lescar has been a major "city" during medieval age. Indeed during the early XIIth the Lescar Cathedral has been built.
The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the major roman style religious building and is protected and classified since the 19th century.
Lescar is one of the next communities at the West of Pau Town. It is 15minutes drive from Pau Town centre.
Lescar is also one of the first communities coming from Pau-Airport. It is also beside the A64 highway that leads towards the Atlantic Ocean and Toulouse.
For those which come from distance consult the flights at the Pau - Pyrénées Airport close to Lescar (9km).

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. Population : 8.200
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