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Town : Anglet

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TOURIST GUIDE OF ANGLET- Information to visit ANGLET and prepare its voyage and its stay.
Tourist guide - The guide of ANGLET, what  to visit in ANGLET, where to stay, how to move… All information for tourism in ANGLET   


ANGLET is a French town, located in the department of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques in the Aquitaine region in France.

Anglet is part of the BAB for Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz top economic town group of the French Basque Country.

Anglet is located between Bayonne and Biarritz and has a direct access to the Atlantic Basc coast.


Useful information on the town of ANGLET

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(Department) :  Atlantic Pyrenees - Basc Country
Region :  Aquitaine
Country : France
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Size of the town of ANGLET

Population:  38.000 inhabitants

Surface: 27 km ²


Where is located  ANGLET Town?

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> Atlantic Coast : yes including sandy beaches
> Mountain (Pyrenees) :  no
> Countryside : no


To visit ANGLET, the Guide - History of the town of ANGLET


Sport - Leisure - Tourism - Events in ANGLET

Anglet has beautiful beaches of blond sand overlooked by the cliffs leading towards Biarritz.

Od to big waves usually ANGLET please most of surfers that come to fulfil their passion here. 

Many surf competitions occur on Anglet beaches all year long. 

What to do and what to visit in ANGLET? What to do near / from ANGLET?

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Anglet benefits from the close proximity of Bayonne and Biarritz towns for outings and other attractive features and events.

The town of Anglet has developed a cycling track network to easily connect beaches and town centre.

The Anglet ice skating rink will welcome you to cool down hot summer temperatures… you’ll be skating directly beside the Ocean…  


Access / How to get to ANGLET?

Motorway: Yes - A63 at 6km
Train - Station: No, the nearest staionns are in Bayonne and Biarritz (4km away)

Airport: Yes  - Nearest Airport to ANGLET  is Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne airport 
Taxi: in progress
Bus: Yes


Where to sleep in ANGLET? Lodging in ANGLET and close to ANGLET


Hotel in ANGLET (in progress)

Hiring in ANGLET (in progress)

Lodging in ANGLET (in progress)

Camp-site in ANGLET (in progress)


Where To eat / Restaurants in ANGLET 

In Progress

Useful links about the town of ANGLET

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Photographs of the town of ANGLET

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. Zip code : 64600
. Pyrénées-Atlantiques
. Aquitaine
. Population : 38.000
Possible activities
. Thermal, Relieving
. Surf
Close towns
. Bayonne
. Biarritz
. Irun
. Hossegor (Soorts)
. Dax
. Pau
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