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Town : Casteljaloux

Towns and villages  >  French Countryside  >  Gers et Lot et Garonne  >  Casteljaloux

Casteljaloux is a small town of the Lot et Garonne County at the edge of the great Landes Forest.

Casteljaloux is set up on the banks of the Avance River.

Casteljaloux is a thermal resort that hosts people interested with thermal care as well as people simply whishing to relax.

Several remarkable sites can be visited in Casteljaloux such like the massive 13th century Church and the 15th and 17th century cloisters.

You can also visit the Malvirade Castle during summer season.

The arranged lake of Clarens is few kilometres from the town centre and enables baths and refreshment…

Casteljaloux is a great spot for Landes Bull races (only jumps and no killing). You can participate to these events especially during summer season.

You can get to Casteljaloux by train from Marmande Town that is on the Bordeaux – Toulouse axis or by the road as Casteljaloux is few kilometres from the A62 highway.

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. Zip code : 47700
. Lot-et-Garonne
. Aquitaine
. Population : 4.800
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