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Town : Cazaux (La-Teste-de-Buch)

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Cazaux is a small touristic and military town close to the Arcachon Basin and the large lakes of Sanguinet-Cazaux and Biscarrosse-Parentis.

Cazaux is at the northern extremity of the Sanguniet-Cazaux lake few kilometres away from the Arcachon balneal resort as well as from the blond sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast.

You can sail, windsurf and swim in the calm waters of the lake or surf on the Atlantic shore.

Camp sites and hotels will welcome you there!

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. Zip code : 33260
. Gironde
. Aquitaine
. Population : 2.000
Close towns
. Arcachon
. Biscarrosse-Plage
. Sanguinet
. Bordeaux
. Sabres
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