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Aqua Sun : Société Aqua Sun Pau Montardon

Aqua Sun : Société Aqua Sun Pau Montardon

Specialist Multi - Renewable Energies



Renewable energies Specialist

Montardon (Atlantic Pyrenees 64, Pau)

South West France


AquaSun Company, based in Montardon, in periphery of the town of Pau is specialized in the Energy Performance.


For more than 20 years it has advised and equipped private individuals, professionals and institutions for the improvement and the optimization of their power consumption (heating, electricity).


Aqua Sun: seriousness and quality

The seriousness and the quality of Aquasun services (www.aqua-sun.com) led its manager, Mr Gaël Parrens, with being recognized and solicited by the regulatory authorities of the sectors of the building and renewable energies.

Mr. Gaël Parrens is today the President of the Renewable Energies and new technologies Commission of the French National Union of the building industry.


It intervenes at the time of many conferences, seminars, and university courses for its approach and its knowledge of the renewable energy sector.


Aqua Sun is decorated: Quali'sol, Quali'combi, Quali'bois and Quali'gaz


Aqua Sun: specialist multi energies

AQUA SUN proposes the installation of heating systems based on renewable energies:

> Solar heating (for house, swimming pool)

> Solar boiler (house, camp-site…) 

> Stove (wood stove, stove with granulated of wood)

> Boilers with wood (wood and granulated)

> Boilers with condensation

> Aerothermic heat pumps (air/water)

> Micro-cogenerating system (simultaneous production of heat and electricity)

> Photovoltaic


Aqua Sun: the Pros of the Energy Performance

Above all, Aqua Sun accompanies, share its expertise and advises its customers (construction and restoration of houses) in the choice of their energy saving solutions (energy saving, renewable energies).


Aqua Sun: Energy Diagnosis

Before any intervention Aqua Sun carries out an energy diagnosis and a simulation of energy performances putting in parallel the whole of the solutions of possible energy savings.

This energy diagnosis precisely makes it possible before work to evaluate the profits, the energy performance and the damping (Tax credit/renewable renewable) of each possible energy solution.


Contacts of Aqua Sun - Request for Estimate

Aqua Sun
Rue Denis Papin

64121 Montardon (France)
Tel : (33) 05 59 33 25 92
Email : info@aqua-sun.com
Web : www.aqua-sun.com

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Solar Heating
Wood Pellets Stove
Condensation Boiler
Heat Pump
Pellets stove Special Offer
Aqua Sun : Société Aqua Sun Pau Montardon
. rue Denis Papin - MONTARDON
. 64000
. Pau
. Tel. : (33) 05 59 33 25 92
. Fax : (33) 05 59 33 75 60
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