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Mobilboard Pau - Gyropode Segway

Mobilboard Pau - Gyropode Segway

Gyropode Segway Mobilboard - Discovery of Pau & surrounds


Mobilboard Pau

Gyropode Segway® Personal Transporter

To have fun


To Discover the town of Pau


The  Segway® gyropode is a personal transporter. It is a ssingle person electric vehicle, made with a platform with two wheels on top of which the user stands. A gyroscopic system of balance and a guiding pole enables the driving »[].
The Segway Personal Transporter enables to move with no tire.


The Mobilboard Segaway PT is an original and innovative concept the the urban environment.


This Personal Transporter is eco-friendly and intuitive:

It consumes 0,25€ of electricity per 100km only with a top speed of 18-20km/h.


You only need to gently bend to move forward, backwards, slow down and rotate to change direction.


To practice the Mobilboard Segway PT you only need to be more the 14 years old…. The older user is more than 85 y.o….


Before any adventure in the town of Pau, you’ll be trained to get used to the Personal Transporter, along a special dedicated track with you quickly become also your play ground.


We propose several touristic circuits in the town of Pau, for individuals as well as companies..


We propose the use of PT to professionals during particular events.

PTs are also original and powerful marketing tools (street marketing).


In details :

The touristic walk becomes a rich and easy unforgettable adventure
(> discover the circuits proposed by Mobilboard Pau)


Seminars and Incentive activities become discovery experiences.

(> discover the groups' and incentive acitivities with the Personal Transporter)


Marketing Campaigns (street marketing) are appreciated !!

(> discover the marketing with the Personal Transporter)



Mobilboard Pau

Marie Dominique Lavaure

Galerie Joffre, 8-10 rue du Maréchal Joffre

64000 Pau (France)

Tel : (33) 05 59 98 85 02
Mob : (33) 06 67 75 20 48

Email : pau-joffre@mobilboard.com
Web Site : http://www.mobilboard.com/agence.asp?agence_numero=37

See my travel guide
Offered activities
Itineraries with Gyropode
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Mobilboard Pau - Gyropode Segway
. Galerie Joffre , 8-10 rue Joffre
. 64000
. Pau
. Tel. : (33) 05 59 98 85 02
. Mob. : (33) 06 67 75 20 48
. [+] e-Mail
. [+] Web site
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