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Grand Prix Moderne de Pau 2013 : GP Classique 2013

Grand Prix Moderne de Pau 2013 : GP Classique 2013

Car Races and Racing Track - Classic Grand Prix de Pau


2013 Classic Grand Prix of Pau

Dates of the 2013 Classic Grand Prix of Pau :
from the 18th to the 20th of May 2013 in Pau

Kings of Navarre's and Automobile Princes' city
"Pau is the most exciting view as seen from the ground, like Naples is the most exciting view as seen from the sea".
These words from French poet Lamartine come back to the mind of any person watching the breathtaking panorama over the Pyrenees offered by the Bearn capital.

This privileged location just at the Spain border is not the lesser asset of the city, former Kings of Navarre's fief as well as French most popular King Henri IV's cradle.
For more than a century, the Pau story is also the one of its Grand Prix, which has seen the growth of the most talented pilots.
The Grand Prix de Pau will once again become part of the yearly calendar of the Bearn capital transformed for the occasion into automobile city.
Indeed, framed by the Grand Prix de Pau and the Grand Prix de Pau Historique week ends (more info about the historic Grand Prix of Pau), a whole automobile week; complete with activities and shows, will be offered by the city to its visitors and residents...
The grids are the big classics of the meeting such as the Formula Academy, a couple of manufacturers' monotype series as well as a F3 Master.
Discover with DYH :
Soon, the Game to win invitation tickets
Also organised by the ASAC Basco Béarnais and Peter Auto, the Historic Grand Prix of Pau will be held on the 11th & 12th of May 2013; the week-end before the Classic event.
(more info about the historic Grand Prix of Pau)

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Grand Prix Moderne de Pau 2013 : GP Classique 2013
. 64000
. Pau
. Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 59 73 40
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Opening :
. From 18/05/2013
. Till 20/05/2013
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