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Grottes de Bétharram Visite Hautes Pyrénées 65

Grottes de Bétharram Visite Hautes Pyrénées 65

Natural Site France - Midi Pyrenees - Grottos to Visit


Grottos of Bétharram

Tourism in Lourdes


Grottos to visit in the French High Pyrenees (65)


Exceptionnal Natural Site of the Pyrenees

 Midi - Pyrenees region - France



During your tourism stay in Lourdes (15km), in the area of Pau (30km) or Tarbes, consider the visit of the Caves of Bétharram!



Real marvel of the Pyrenees, the Caves of Bétharram offer a unique in Europe journey in the center of the Earth.


By train, on foot and by boat you will cross numerous rooms with impressive geological formations: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, drapes, stony embroidery, gigantic fault, underground river, abyss and more…


Open to the public since 1903 by Léon Ross, and accessible to all, the Caves of Bétharram continue to amaze!

Discovered in 1810 and among the first caves open to the public, the Grottos of Bétharram explain the formation of natural caves.

You will explore the entrails of the Pyrenees by visiting the Caves of Bétharram: on this 2,8 km length course with a little train and a boat to cross the underground lake.


You will cross several rooms on various levels and will discover impressive geological formations (stalactites, stalagmites, draped, stone embroideries…) at several stages of growth.


References : Caves of Lascaux, Grottos of Rocamadour, the Pit of Padirac

The natural heritage of Betharram Caves is quite as exceptional as the one of the most famous caves like the caves of Lascaux, Grottos of Rocamadour, the Pit of Padirac…


> The opening dates and schedule of the Bétharram Grottos


Contact des Grottes de Bétharram - Pyrénées
65270 Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre
Site web : www.betharram.com
Tel. (00 33) 05 62 41 80 04
Fax (00 33) 05 62 41 87 25

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Grottes de Bétharram Visite Hautes Pyrénées 65
. Saint Pé de Bigorre
. 64800
. Lestelle-Betharram
. Tel. : +33 5 62 41 80 04
. Fax : +33 5 62 41 87 25
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Opening :
. From 08/02/2016
. Till 30/10/2016
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