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Office de Tourisme de Laruns Artouste l'été

Office de Tourisme de Laruns Artouste l'été

Tourist Office of Laruns - Ossau Valley Pyrenees (France)



(See also the Activities in Ossau Valley Winter season)

At the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, at the doors of the National Park of Pyrenes, Laruns Village offers a unique discovery place and play-ground, close to Pau (35min) and Spain (Portalet pass 35min).

LARUNS accommodates you all year long : excursions and activities of full nature (canyoning, raft, climbing, mountain bike, speleology, fishing…), hydrotherapy at the Eaux-Chaudes Village (Hot Waters) (breathing and rheumatology, relaxation and fitness) from May to October, the little train of Artouste and the Pic du Midi d’Ossau peak.

Discover the richness of the Valley of Ossau:
- its Natural Heritage with the National Park of the Pyrenees and the Pic du Midi d’Ossau : its lakes (Bious-Artigues, Ayous, Arrémoulit), the Aubisque Pass, mythical rise of the Tour de France and the Pourtalet Pass giving access to Spain, pasture mountain plateaus with the herds and huts of shepherds, (see more details about natural sites

- its Cultural Heritage and its traditions : festivals of August 15 with traditional dances, songs and costumes, the transhumance of the herds towards the summer altitude pastures, the cheese fair during the 1st weekend of October…  

- its traditional local products : the famous Pyrenean Cheese of the Ossau Valley, garbure soup, the lamb, wines of Jurançon and Madiran.

Discover the Artouste mountain resort Pyrenees : click here

Lodging and seasonal rentals in Valley of Ossau :
Maison de la Vallée d’Ossau - 64440 LARUNS France
Tel. : (33) 05 59 05 10 50 - Fax: (33) 05 59 05 35 49
Web site: www.ossau-resa.com
E-mail: resa@ossau-tourisme.com

House of the Valley of Ossau - 64440 LARUNS
Tel. : (33) 05 59 05 31 41 - Fax: (33) 05 59 05 39 45
Official Site: www.ossau-pyrenees.com
E-mail: info@ossau-tourisme.com

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Office de Tourisme de Laruns Artouste l'été
. Maison de la Vallée d'Ossau
. 64440
. Laruns-Gabas-Artouste
. Tel. : (33) 05 59 05 31 41
. Fax : (33) 05 59 05 39 45
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. [+] Web site
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