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Cave des Producteurs de Jurançon - Gan

Cave des Producteurs de Jurançon - Gan

Wine Producers of Jurançon: Shop, Visit of the cellar, Open days


CELLAR of the Wine Producers
of Gan - Jurançon


White Dry Wines, Soft Wines of Béarn 
South West of France  
Controlled Origin Label  (AOC) Jurançon

 Red and Rose Wines of Béarn  
Controlled Origin Label (AOC) Béarn


The CELLAR of the Producers of Gan - Jurançon is…

2 Labeled wines from the South-west of France, in the middle of Béarn with:

Dry and soft white wines (liqueur-like, marrowy…) of Controlled Label of origin (AOC) Jurançon


the red and rose wines of "Controlled Label of origin (AOC) Béarn"

Wine Celar of Gan Jurançon Visits, Tastings, Shop, Online Sop

The Cellar of the Producers of Gan Jurançon gathers 300 wine growers who chose mutualiser their equipment production, since the reception of the vintage until the sale of their delicious nectar, while passing by pressing, the assembly, the ageing and the congestion of the wines of AOC Jurançon and Béarn.

At the foot of the Pyrenees, at the doors of the Castle of Pau and OS Valley, close to Doors, of Biarritz, the Cellar of the Producers of Jurançon is located.

The Cellar of Jurançon accomodates all the year individual and groups in the shop of Gan, as at the time of visits of the installations of the cellar (presses, wine storehouse, center of congestion and conditioning…).

It offers a great space of free parking for cars, bus and motor homes like 2 rooms of reception equipped for the groups.

The Cellar of the Producers of Gan Jurançon is labellisée “Tourism Handicap” and largely accessible to all.

 Moreover, it is open all the year, including Sunday during the summer and for the festivals of end of the year!


History of the Wine of Jurançon

The wine of Jurançon owes its notoriety with its rich and generous gustatory qualities, as with the love which carried to him celebrates it King Henri IV who tasted of them some drops at the time of his baptism, whereas he was yet only infant…   It liked its area of origin, and as a man high colors and full with passions, Jurançon became the wine of ceremonies of the house of France at the 16th century.

But by visiting the cellar, you will learn that its history goes up even further in time, and you will be able to even admire authentic Gallo-Roman mosaics, historical heritage attesting of the practice of the vine growing in Béarn in IVème and 5th centuries!



The Wine Cellar of Jurançon Gan today


Annual Volumes of the Cellar of Gan - Jurançon and AOC Béarn:

37.000 Hl of Classified and Controlled wines are selected each year.

=> 20.000 Hl of AOC Jurançon Doux (soft)  
=> 9.000 Hl of AOC Jurançon Sec (dry)  
=> 8.000 Hl of AOC Red and Rose of Béarn

The Wine Cellar of the Producers markets each year 5 million bottles.

==> More information about the White Wines of Jurançon

==> More information about the Red and Rose Wines of Béarn

==> More information about the visit of the Cellar of Gan - Jurançon


Contact the Cellar of the Producers of Jurançon

Telephones: (+33) 05 59 21 57 03  
email : Wine Celar of Gan Jurançon 
Web Site and online shop : www.cavedejurancon.com

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Cave des Producteurs de Jurançon - Gan
. 53 avenue Henri IV
. 64290
. Gan
. Tel. : (+33) 05 59 21 57 03
. Fax : (+33) 05 59 21 72 06
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