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La Falaise aux Vautours - Musée Ossau - Pyrénées

La Falaise aux Vautours - Musée Ossau - Pyrénées

Museum - Wild Eagles - close to Laruns & Pau (Pyrenees)



LA FALAISE AUX VAUTOURS (The Cliff of Vultures)


Observatory of Pyrenean raptors – Aste Béon – Vallée d’Ossau – close to Laruns Village
Prices of the Falaise aux Vautours

Which Raptors can be observed at the Falaise aux Vautours
Download the (French) Brochure of the Falaise aux Vautours

At the heart of the Aste-Béon Pyrenean Village, at the feet of the Natural Sanctuary of the Ossau, the Falaise aux Vautours, unique observatory invites you to the discovery of the great Pyrenean raptors.



GUIDED TOUR OF THE Falaise aux Vautours



Several cameras are set up on the cliff close to vultures’ nests to observe IN LIVE and on WIDE SRCEENS vultures’ video (adults and chicks) at any stage of their way on living.

With you a guide monitor the video cameras from the museum and explain these fascinating sceneries … from blossoming to first flight, including feeding and flight-training stages.




12 rooms present wild Pyrenean raptors way of life and Ossau Valley pastoralism : certain rooms are dedicated to the Bearded Vulture, the Egyptian Vulture (staying in Pyrenees summer time) ; interactive screens, 360° cameras can also be used.

TIME TABLE of the Falaise aux Vautours

June/July/August : 10.30am-12.30am / 2pm-6.30pm
May : 2pm-6pm / September : 2pm-5.30pm
School holidays : 2pm-5pm
All year long groups can book their visit

ACCESS / HOW TO GET TO THE la Falaise aux Vautours ?

It is located at the heart of the Ossau Valley. It is at the cross road of Pau and Lourdes on the road towards Spain (Pourtalet Pass at 35km), and of Artouste and Gourette Ski resorts. From Pau or Oloron follow the « Laruns » direction. The Falaise aux Vautour is only few kilometres from Laruns in Aste Béon Village.

RESTAURANT CLOSE to the la Falaise aux Vautours

The Shepherd Halt Restaurant is 100m away from the entrance of the museum, lunch time and dinner time, all year long. Groups visiting the Falaise aux Vautours can benefit there of particular prices.

Contacts of the Falaise aux Vautours
La Falaise aux Vautours
64260 ASTE-BEON France
Tel : (33) 05 59 82 65 49
Fax : (33) 05 59 82 65 65
Email : falaise.aux.vautours@wanadoo.fr
Official Web Site: www.falaise-aux-vautours.com

Introduction to the Falaise aux Vautours


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Prices of the Falaise aux Vautours – Pyrenees
WIild Birds of the "Falaise aux Vautours" – Pyrenees
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La Falaise aux Vautours - Musée Ossau - Pyrénées
. 64260 ASTE BEON
. 64260
. Aste-Beon
. Tel. : (33) 05 59 82 65 49
. Fax : (33) 05 59 82 65 65
. [+] e-Mail
. [+] Web site
Close towns
. Laruns-Gabas-Artouste
. Arudy
. Oloron-Sainte-Marie
. Pau
. Formigal
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