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Randonnées & Activités Vallée d'Ossau (Pyrénées)

Randonnées & Activités Vallée d'Ossau (Pyrénées)

Hiking Guide of the Pyrenees : Ossau Valley (France)



As soon as you enter the Ossau Valley and the village of Arudy, you can undertake several hikes, snowshoes, Nordic ski and mountain itineraries.

DYH propose several itineraries of hikes, snowshoes and Nordic ski close to the village of Arudy :
* The Marie Blanque Pass - Cycling and Tour de France
* Le Rocher d’Aran – Nordic ski or summer hike
* The Skirt of the Males Ores Summit – Nordic Ski or summer hike
* The Skirt of the Sésérite Summit – Snowshoes or Summer Hike
* The Mailh Massibé Summit – Snowshoes or Summer Hike
* The Bareilles Peak – Nordic Ski or Summer hike
* The Rock Climbing Site of Arudy

From the village of Arudy, you can quickly get to the villages of Laruns
or Bedous from which you can also undertake other hiking routes or activities.

DYH suggests you itineraries close to Laruns and itineraries close to Bedous. To get to Bedous, drive by the Marie Blanque Pass… a beautiful journey…

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Offered activities
Rock Climbing Site of Arudy
Marie Blanque Pass
Nordic Ski Excursion Pyrenees - Bareilles Peak
Snwoshoes Excursion Pyrenees - Sésérite skirt
Snowshoes Excursion Pyrenees - Mailh Massibé Peak
Ski Excursion Pyrenees - The Rocher d’Aran
Ski Excursion Pyrenees - The Males Ores skirt
Topo Map Itinerary ROUND of the OSSAU PEAK
Randonnées & Activités Vallée d'Ossau (Pyrénées)
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. Arudy
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Close towns
. Laruns-Gabas-Artouste
. Arudy
. Oloron-Sainte-Marie
. Pau
. Gan
. Jurançon
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